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Speciality Coffee

Our ‘Java Square’ signature coffee is roasted specially for us by Heartland Coffi, Llandudno and is served as a double shot as standard. single shots and decaffeinated available on request

Espresso                              2.00              Macchiato               2.25                   Americano (black)          2.25             With Milk                 2.45                                Flat White or Latte        2.45             Cappuccino             2.75                           Hot Chocolate                  2.75             Mocha                        2.95                   Deluxe Hot Choc & Mallows & Cream 2.95                                                         Soy / Almond Milk Cappuccino or Latte 2.95

Loose Leaf Teas

Our loose leaf teas are served in individual tea pots for your own brewing preference

Breakfast Tea                  2.25               Decaf                        2.50                            Earl Grey                            2.50               Green Tea              2.65                Peppermint                      2.65                Turkish Apple      2.65             Camomile                          2.65                Assam                      2.50        Pomegranate & Blueberry                2.65


Soft Drinks

Coke / Diet Coke         1.50            J2O selection            2.30                     Ginger Beer                    2.30            Sicilian Lemonade   2.30                  Bottled Water              1.90             Fever Tree Tonic     2.30












Wine Menu (served from 11am)

Wine Menu

Paparuda Savingnon Blanc (Romania 2015)  £15 - Racy, citrus notes dominate the palate of this bracingly crisp dry wine. Grapefruit with touches of blackcurrant and guava dominate the palate leading through to a zesty, mouth watering finish.   13%

La Petit Vigne - Viognier (Southern France) £15 - This fresh and crist French beauty has a powerful nose of apricots, peaches and exotic fruits. 12.5%

Susana Sempore Blanc (Mallorca) £20 - This Mallorcan beauty is succulent with juicy grapefruit character , some richer rounder chardonnay fruit on the middle of the pallet with almost tropical hints but with enough freshness and vivacity on the palette. 12%

Red by the bottle

Jean Balmont Merlot Pays D’oc (France) £15 - Very smooth and powerful wine, slightly spicy with aromas of red fruits 12.5%

Wide River Shiraz (South Africa) £15 - Delightful wild herb, spicy undertones, black pepper and vanilla notes. This elegant wine is well balanced with a beautiful plumb colour and long silky finish. 13.5%

Susana Sempore Roble (Vi de la Terra Mallorca) £20 - Packed full of sun ripened and black fruit character, with a backbone and body. This is asuper wine with attractive fruit made in a modern style, a Java Square favourite. 13.5%

Rose by the bottle

Nevarro Pleno Rosado (Spain 2014) £15 - Bright raspberry pink rose, intensely fresh to the nose with noticeable aromas of fruit and flowers. Well balanced and tasty. 12.5%

Prosecco by the bottle

Tanners Signature Prosecco 750ml   £20 - Attractive, long and succulent with easy creamy pair and apple fruit and a refreshing, flavoursome finish

House wine & Prosecco available by the glass from     £3.50

Welsh Craft Lager & Cider by the bottle                              £3.95








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Afternoon Tea Menu

Gin Menu (served from 11am)

It is almost impossible to imagine, let alone find a more quintessential pairing across any spirit category than the Gin & Tonic. So ubiquitous is the drink that even when you reduce it to three characters, G&T, everyone still understands what you’re talking about. What other drink in the world has achieved this? Don’t be fooled however, the concoction may seem simple but both its history and the dizzying array of gin, tonic and garnish combinations make it far from an ordinary drink...

Bloom / Elderflower Tonic Water / Strawberry  -  The lead roles in this delicate & floral Gin are played by Bach flower, pomelo and chamomile rather tan the usual juniper which takes a back seat

Ophir / Indian Tonic Water / Baby Green Chilli  -  A unique gin with citrus notes balanced with earthy spicy aromatics and warm soft spices

Whitely Neill / Mediterranean Tonic Water / Cape Gooseberry  -  An award winning Gin that skilfully combines rare , African flora and unusual aromas with an exotic experience

Martin Millers / Indian Tonic Water / Grapefruit Wedge & Basil  -  Martin Miller's Gin is a premium gin made from 9 carefully selected botanicals blended with the purest Icelandic water - the ultimate in good taste

Gin Mare / Mediterranean Tonic Water / Mango  -  Gin Mare opens the door to a new variety of gins, with a novel pan-Mediterranean concept that unites the different cultures around this sea representing their botanical stars such as: Arbequina olives, thyme, basil and rosemary

Bombay Sapphire / Indian Tonic Water / Lime Wedge  -  This recipe has been used by the Bombay Spirits Company since 1761 and makes use of 10 different botanicals with an aroma of juniper berry and citrus but also pepper and spices are clearly present

All our Gins are served at a 50ml shot as standard and accompanied with garnish and Fever Tree Tonic Water             £5.95








Enjoy Tapas inspired sharing platters alongside our gin, wine & cocktail menu every Friday from 6.30pm

Friday Wine Down Tapas Inspired Platters from 6.30pm

(V) Lentil & Vegetable Stuffed Mushrooms - Portobello mushrooms stuffed with a rich vegetable & lentil chili ‘non’ carne and topped with blue cheese (popular with vegetarians and meat eaters alike)

Pig tails and bangers - A British pub favourite, hand cooked roasted pork crackling sticks with our award winning pork sausage skewer, served with apple sauce and mustard drizzle

(V) Patatas Bravas - a traditional Spanish tapas dish of baby new potatoes roasted in their skins until crisp then dressed in a spicy tomato & garlic sauce, served with garlic & lemon mayonnaise

Spanish Meatballs - a Spanish classic of brisket meatballs cooked in a rich tomato, paprika & red wine sauce.

Sweet Chilli & Vodka Prawns - sweet & sticky king prawns served on a bed of rocket topped with mango, chilli, lime and coriander salsa, this really is a taste sensation

Slow Braised Pork Cheek - a delicacy in Spain, revered for their incredibly tasty flesh and unctuous, sticky texture. Ours are served on parmesan bruschetta with pickled apple.

(V) Whole Baked Camembert - this French classic baked cheese is topped with a quintessentially         English apple, pear & fig chutney and served with pitta fingers (counts as 2 dishes, perfect to share)

Spanish Chorizo & Butter Bean Stew - another Spanish classic of chorizo, butter beans cooked with red wine, paprika & tomatoes

Mermaid Dressed Crab - fresh whole crab direct from our local Fish Merchants in Llandudno, served in the shell with finely sliced ciabatta toast, perfect for sharing (counts as 2 dishes, perfect to share)

5 dish sharing platter only £20